My passion for photography started at the young age of 13 when spending the usual summer in my parents’ native country of Ecuador – where the streets are lively and the countrysides peaceful. I often found myself staring out of the car window on our long trips to the capital of Quito captivated by the snow capped Andes Mountains. The juxtaposition of living on 173rd Street in Uptown Manhattan and the raw beauty of my Ecuadorian roots sparked a desire to document these quiet moments on film. After weeks of working after school, I finally saved enough to buy the first Canon T series camera: the Canon T-50. I have owned Canon cameras ever since as I maintain my hobby of 34 years.

I believe photography can capture small moments in life that one often overlooks. Looking at a picture allows you to travel back in time and overcome with nostalgia, be it your wedding day, special event or headshot.

I am available in the immediate DC, Maryland or Virginia area, but I’m willing to travel if necessary, so that you too can fondly remember the “good times”.